LUSOYACHT is a company, specialized in custom design and construction of tourism yachts around the world. Our Yachts are developed together with our clients, so each boat is unique.
LUSOYACHT is for those who seek to impress their clients presenting something truly dierent and special!

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The Portuguese were the first European explorers to build boats capable of oceanic traveling. We went to every corner of the world from, Brazil, to Africa, India, China and even Australia spreading customs, culture, knowledge and language.
That is why nautical exploration and boat building is part of our DNA!

Like our ancestors, LusoYacht is a Portuguese company with eyes set on the world!

The concept

We design and develop unique boats for our clients.
Our designers meet with the client, have a briefing and present solutions that suit their needs.

All our projects are dynamic, each means that the client is with us all the way through the design, project and building processes.

For us, all the inputs from the client are useful and welcome in order to achieve the main objective: build a unique and
memorable professional Yacht!

The Shipyard

Our boats are built in the south of Portugal, at Vila Real de Santo António, a magic village full of nautical tradition.

Our shipyard has 25 years experience, building quality ships for various countries and a wide range of activities.

We build in fiberglass and use high quality materials and techniques, together with an amazing team of dedicated workers that deliver your boat as if it was their own!